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Sell Your Hair Extensions on Tressly

Do you have hair that you’ve never used? Do you have hair extensions or human hair wigs or other hair enhancements that you have only worn for a short time and removed or put away, but are still in good condition? Have you ever purchased hair extensions just to have it when you need it, but never used it? What about hair extensions, human hair clip in extensions or human hair wigs you paid good money for, maybe wore to an event one time and then removed it or put away?

If any of these scenarios describe your situation then you’re in luck! We’re willing to bet many of you have purchased a variety of expensive hair extensions and human hair wigs, and now they are just lying around the house collecting dust when you could be collecting cash for them! Buying and selling used extensions is the wave of future and a great way to find what you are looking for less without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Why buy and sell hair extensions and human hair wigs online?

We pay A LOT for our extensions and even after we use them a few times, there is still a lot of value in our hair extensions and human hair wigs. Many times, even when we know we will never wear a certain hairpiece again, we still do not want to throw them away! So now there is a viable solution for sellers. Now we can earn cash and recoup some of the costs for those older but expensive extensions, and wheel and deal with people who are willing to pay top dollar for our used hair and those who may be looking for what we just might have in the back of our closets.

Conversely, as buyers, we all know certain hair brands and styles come and go, but by searching for used hair extensions online, you just might be able to find a discontinued look, color or style that you simply have not been able to find anywhere else.

Online hair brokers, like us at Tressly are giving old hair new life by connecting buyers and sellers, and giving sellers a new option to recycle nearly new locks instead of throwing them away. Not widely known, but very lucrative, selling used hair extensions is now a “thing” and you could literally be cashing in on this business!

Who sells used hair extensions?

Everybody! You don’t have to be a manufacturer, supplier or retail store owner to sell used hair online. If you have gently used hair and you think it’s in good enough shape to be resold you can do so here. Selling your used hair can be a great way to earn extra money and help others find what they may be looking for that you have to offer.

Who do I sell my my hair extensions to?

Whoever wants to buy it. We have created a website that connects buyers and sellers who are interested in purchasing or selling used hair extensions. Here at Tressly, we allow sellers to create their own “Hair Shop” on our platform and present your new or gently-used hair extensions and products/tools. From there, the buyer peruses what you have to offer and decides if your product is what they want or need.

For how much can I sell my hair?

Price ranges vary on what you can sell your previously owned hair extensions for. There are a lot of variables that can determine your listing price. Some of those variables include: length of hair, thickness, whether it is, synthetic, or virgin hair or not, and the overall condition of the hair, just to name a few. If you have questions on setting a listing price, feel free to call or email us and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

How does it work?

First, evaluate the hair yourself to see if you think it is good enough to sell. Ask yourself if it is quality that a buyer would pay for and think about whether you would buy it. If the hair you have to sell is still in its original package, that’s even better. All types of hair extensions and human hair wigs are evaluated and reviewed for various selling qualities. Once you determine what hair extensions you want to sell, upload it to Tressly and we will evaluate your listing. If your hair extensions, hair wig, etc. is up to our standards, we will sell it on our platform. For more information about the listing and selling process check out our FAQs.

Some things to keep in mind:

To keep our marketplace safe we ask that before sending any sold extensions to the buyer you 1) wash with a sulfate-free shampoo 2) blow dry on medium-high setting until dry 3) THEN send it. The only exception is if the hair has never been worn and is in its original packaging.






Another note: Though you pay top dollar for the best hair extensions, you must be aware that the resale value will always be lower than the value at which you purchased it. Even if your hair extensions or human hair wig is still in its original package, you still will not get full value.

Further, if you have used your hair extensions more than just a few times, the resale value will drop even lower below the purchase value. If you decide you don’t want to sell – learn how to extend the life of your extensions here.

Think of Tressly as a consignment for hair extensions! If you haven’t already – join the Tribe. Happy selling!

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