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Tips So You Don’t Have to Hack Off Your Human Hair Extensions

Extensions are our one of our best friends at Tressly and we can help you care for yours or choose the right kind of new hair for you based on its versatility. Since extensions with synthetic hair can get fried from a lot of things, it’s important to know how to care for these often pricey and delicate hair babies. If you have human hair extensions, you have a lot of options as far as altering them to keep up with your changing looks. With our help and marketplace, you can turn them from breakable to durable in no time. The poison for human hair extensions is usually hair dye made for the hair on our head—it simply isn’t designed for hair that you add to your look.

For instance, virgin human hair starts out a certain color and that will be its strongest hue; that virgin color will break less. However, if you want to dye your hair and have your extensions match, think about this: to keep that hair strong you should try to only dye them darker than they started. Dyeing hair lighter strips parts of the hair out and makes it more brittle. We have some natural scalp oils to help remedy the damage, but our extensions only have themselves and whatever you put on them!

It makes sense why you’d want to dye your hair pieces to either look two-toned and chic with your natural hair, or simply to match your own tresses every time you switch up your color. Love your extensions and they will certainly love you back! Here are some suggestions and methods for coloring your detachable hairs:



The most important thing of all is truly knowing what your clip on or tape on extensions are made of. If you can’t figure out if yours are human hair, synthetic hair, or a hybrid of both, ALWAYS treat them like synthetic hair to stay on the safe side. Synthetic hair strands are more fragile and many beauty operations like heated tools and hair dye are simply not going to fly. Don’t melt your ‘do!


If you know for sure that you have natural hair extensions, then you CAN dye your add-on locks. That’s a total score and a great way to save money by renewing your look without buying more reams of that pricey real hair in a different color. First, make sure you shower only twenty-four to forty-eight hours before you dye your hair so that your natural oils can protect your mane from getting too dried from the dye. Ideally, wear the piece for as long as possible before adding color chemicals to it so that some of your oils will reach them and protect them. Find a non-permanent dye and work with a bowl for the rinsing with gloves. Permanent dyes will cut down the lifespan of your extensions! Be sure to find a hydration product to help them recover from the transformation once they are dried out.

There will be much more information to come on this blog regarding hair extension education, trends, brands, and care. Stay tuned and check for updates or give us a hello on Instagram: @ILoveTressly!

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